Lockhart Properties and Aanagement wants to help you


  Time to sell?


If the value of your home is less than the amount owed, here are some benefits of a short sale


Mortgage debt relief exemptions


You are in control,NOT THE BANK!


No notice of public sale


Retain dignity that you sold your house


Sleep better at night knowing who bought your home


Spare yourself the social stigma of a foreclosure


You might qualify for Fannie Mae loan in 2 years or FHA in 3 years


Being relieved of any court or legal actions, and MOVE on!


You can negotiate with the lender to remove the deficiency judgment


         (Foreclosure has restrictions for 5-7 years)


  Possible moving expenses to move on


  32 years of helping others to buy, sell, or trade real estate



                        Ask us about my list of buyers specifically for your property.